AED Registration

If you have an AED at your school, church, business, or organization, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Could ALL of your staff or a visitor find your AED if a cardiac arrest occurred at your location?
  2. Would you like help in tracking expiration dates of your AED’s battery and pads?
  3. Have you registered your AED with your local EMS agency as required by Indiana law (IC 16-31-6.5-5)?

We can help you in all 3 areas and possibly help you save a life!

TRAA has entered into an arrangement with the ATRUS® National AED Registry that could help you get the most out of your investment and quite possibly, save a life. If a sudden cardiac arrest occurs at your facility, this collaboration will allow TRAA’s dispatchers to immediately know if there is an AED at your facility and where it is located. We can then direct bystanders to the AED, which could possibly save the victim’s life. Also, if you desire, we can automatically notify “site responders” that you designate, of the cardiac arrest so they can respond to help until paramedics arrive. But… we can only do this if you register your AED!

Additionally, by registering your AED, we will help you track the expiration dates of your AED’s battery and defibrillation pads. You will receive an email to notify you as the expiration dates are near so you will always know your AED is ready when needed.

Finally, if you are in an area covered by TRAA, by registering your AED you will be compliant with Indiana law requiring all organizations and businesses to register their AEDs with their local EMS agency.

You are probably asking yourself, “How much does this cost?” or “What’s the catch?” Here it is…The program is FREE to you and there is no catch. TRAA is providing this service FREE to you for your commitment to our community by investing in an AED. Your investment and commitment is an integral component in helping us save lives. Further, you will not be spammed with other offers that cost you money, and TRAA, nor the National AED Registry will ever sell your contact information to anyone.

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Click here to learn more about how PlusTrac and AEDLink helps TRAA dispatchers know if a Registered AED is near.