Notice of Privacy Practices

TRAA is bound to Federal and State confidentiality and privacy laws governing how we can use data collected on patients, who that data may be released to, and for what reason(s). The most well known of these is a federal statute referred to as “HIPAA”.

“HIPAA” stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. One of the major components of HIPAA is the privacy component. Healthcare providers are required to protect a patient’s “Protected Health Information” or PHI, as defined by HIPAA. Healthcare providers may only release or use PHI for very specific purposes.

TRAA is committed to protect our patients’ PHI as required under HIPAA. Patient’s may access TRAA’s privacy practices as required by HIPAA by clicking on the Privacy Practices icon on this page.

TRAA will never sell any of your contact information to any company for any reason.