Fleet, Equipment & Resupply Services

The TRAA Operations Division utilizes some of the most sophisticated equipment available on its ambulances. This allows them to assure that each patient receives the highest possible level of care. This cutting edge technology includes, but is not limited to:

SafeForce™: The Road Safety On-Board Computer system records each second and mile of operation of every vehicle in the fleet. Active driver identification enables the system to evaluate driver performance based on the amount of miles they drive and how safely they operate the vehicle.

The EZ-IO® Intraosseous Infusion System is a complete solution for immediate vascular access in all patients larger than 3 kg. Used an estimated 160,000 times across the world the EZ-IO® is the leading choice for intraosseous access in all care environments from the ambulance to the hospital to battlefield and beyond, the EZ-IO® system is designed to help the medical professional gain vascular access in seconds to provide intravenous therapy to patients.

The PortO2Vent™ Oxygen Delivery System is a gas-powered device that delivers non-invasive Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) to spontaneously breathing patients who are awake and can maintain a patent airway. The PortO2Vent Oxygen Delivery System delivers CPAP at operator adjustable levels throughout the breathing cycle, independent of the patient’s inspiratory flow requirements.

  • CPAP is an effective treatment
  • Reduces the intubation rate in CHF patients between 50-80%
  • Reduces the length of stay in the hospital (LOS)
  • Reduces the nosocomial infection rate
  • Improves patient outcomes


Power Pro XTPower Pro XT Stryker’s industry-leading powered ambulance cot answers the need for emergency transport that dramatically reduces strenuous lifting and the associated risk of back injury. Power-PRO features Stryker’s innovative powered hydraulic lift to raise and lower patients with the touch of a button. The Power-PRO’s groundbreaking design features set the standard for superior performance and outstanding ergonomics. Capable of lifting up to 700 pounds, this stretcher substantially reduces the risk to patients as well as TRAA field staff.

The LSP AutoVent 3000 is a portable, compact emergency transport ventilator with a variety of applications from industrial and volunteer EMS use to air and ground transport. Offering controlled ventilation at rates of 8-28 breaths per minute as well as additional inspiratory time settings, the AutoVent meets most critical emergency care situations and in-hospital transports.

Mermaid Manufacturing Temperature control boxes. Each ambulance is equipped with a permanently mounted temperature control box. Similar to a small refrigerator, this cooler provides constant regulated temperatures for the storage of medications and IV solutions.

LifePAK DefibrillatorThe LIFEPAK® 15 Defibrillator/Monitor is a multi-parameter device that combines semi-automated and manual defibrillation with capnography, external pacing, 12-lead electrocardiography and other monitoring functions. Cutting edge technology allows paramedics to transmit 12-lead findings so that the patient receives more expedient care upon arrival at the hospital.

HealthEMS® by Sansio is a remote-hosted field data collection, management, and reporting solution which is proven to help EMS providers improve patient care and financial performance. The system fully integrates with TRAA’s Computer Aided Dispatch system and TRAA’s billing software creating efficiencies throughout the entire system. TRAA has been using HealthEMS® since 2009.

From the Paramedic in the field, to the Quality Improvement, medical direction, and billing departments, HealthEMS creates a two-way information flow which dramatically improves the accuracy and timeliness of information needed to support billing and clinical decision making. By utilizing wireless technology, TRAA field staff is able to record patient data via a Panasonic 19 Toughbook™. This real-time data collection reduces the reliance on paperwork and provides a more efficient means for collecting valuable patient information.

Smart Bag® MO Disposable Bag-Valve-Mask is the newest and most exciting adjunct to properly ventilate patients with traumatic brain injury. The Smart Bag® helps providers provide the proper ventilatory rate for patients with TBI and stops the excess volume that is so detrimental outcomes. Additional information on the newest details of proper ventilation of TBI patients at https://youtu.be/wFQ4f3dNXAQ


TRAA AmbulanceThe TRAA Operations Division operates 16 state-of-the-art ambulances. These ambulances utilize Ford chassis that have been custom built by American Emergency Vehicles (AEV). Full time mechanics assure that each ambulance is maintained by performing a “bumper to bumper” inspection at least every 4000 miles. Each service provides complete electrical diagnostics and repairs, environmental control service and repairs, computerized engine analysis and repair, brake and tire inspection and replacement, and complete electrical system installation and repair. In addition to the service inspections, each ambulance undergoes a comprehensive daily pre-shift inspection. This service point inspection includes more that 115 check points that ensure that each ambulance is fully stocked and prepared for duty. TRAA utilizes full-time vehicle service technicians whose responsibility is to maintain a constant state of readiness for the entire fleet. Detailed vehicle maintenance records are maintained utilizing ExtraFleet™ software. We have been operating ExtraFleet™ software since 2003 and it provides a flexible, easy to use, vehicle maintenance management tool. Features include complete vehicle records, work repair orders, PM scheduling, vendor history, inventory history and control, cost recording, and mechanics’ labor hours all from a portable handheld device utilized at the truck site.