Special Note for Residents of New Haven, unincorporated Adams Township, Cedar Creek Township, Springfield Township


a portion of Jefferson Township

TRAA is not the primary ambulance service for these areas.  If you call 911 for ambulance service in these areas, you will get New Haven’s Emergency 45 or Northeast EMS as primary coverage.  The only time TRAA would respond into these areas would be if the local service is unavailable. New Haven Emergency 45 and Northeast EMS do not honor TRAA’s LifeCare.  If you want coverage for their service, you will need to buy their membership program.

HOWEVER, if you work or shop in Fort Wayne, you may want to purchase TRAA’s LifeCare as well.  TRAA’s LifeCare will cover you if you need ambulance service while working or shopping in Fort Wayne or in other areas of Allen county covered by TRAA.  TRAA does not accept membership programs other than LifeCare.

….New Haven, Adams, Cedar Creek, Springfield Townships and a portion of Jefferson Township... Special Information… Please Read Carefully….

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