TRAA Board of Directors Information

The Three Rivers Ambulance Authority Board of Directors consists of nine members.  The members include individuals representing the public with various special backgrounds including legal, healthcare, financial, and the general public.

TRAA is a City and County organization and was created by local ordinances and an Interlocal Cooperative Agreement between the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County. The interlocal cooperative agreement defines TRAA Board membership.

Under the Interlocal Cooperative Agreement, four (4) board members are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Fort Wayne, four (4) board members are appointed by the Commissioners of Allen County. The ninth board member is an un-appointed member and is a physician.  This board member is always the current Chairperson of the local EMS medical control board, the Emergency Medical Services Foundation, Inc.  City appointees must live within the City of Fort Wayne and County appointees must live in Allen County.  County appointees may live within the City limits or elsewhere in the county.  Board members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their services.

The term for board member appointments is also determined by the interlocal cooperative agreement.  Three (3) of the City appointees and three (3) of the County appointees serve staggered three (3) year terms.  Each year one (1) City and one (1) County member appointment expires and at that time the current board member may be either re-appointed by the appropriate government entity or may be replaced by a new appointee.  The fourth member of the City appointees and the fourth member of the County appointees serve "indeterminate" terms.  Their term does not expire until they are replaced by the appropriate appointing entity.  The ninth position, the position held by the EMS Foundation Chairperson only changes when a new chairperson of the EMS Foundation is appointed by the EMS Foundation Board members.

The TRAA Board meets monthly and is responsible for the business operations of the local ambulance service.  The Board oversees TRAA finances and sets TRAA's rates as outlined by the local ordinance.  Rates must be sufficient to keep TRAA self-sufficient as required by the ordinance as the ordinance require that TRAA operate without any local tax subsidy.  Additionally, the Board is responsible for a periodic competitive RFP process to choose an operations contractor and to award the operations contract based what the Board determines is the best proposal.

Board FAQs

Board of Directors


Dr. Thomas Dykstra, MD

Chairman of the Board

Chairman - EMS Foundation, Inc

David T. Parish


Lincoln Financial Advisors 

Rachel J. Guin, JD

Attorney at Law

Rothberg Logan Waraco LLP

Eric Lahey

Chief, Fort Wayne Fire Department

Brett Steffen

Vice Chairman

Manager, Samaritan Helicopter

Parkview Health System

Gary Wasson

Operations Director - Retired

Grand Wayne Center

Valerie Ahr

Asst. City Controller

City of Fort Wayne

Bernard J. "Bernie" Beier

Director, Allen County

Department of Homeland Security

Kathy Kopka

VP Access & Transfer

Lutheran Health Network


Dr. Scott Mann, MD

TRAA Medical Director

Gary A. Booher

TRAA Executive Director